Another Adventure at McConnells Mill

The more time I spend immersing myself in the beauty of McConnells Mill State Park, the more I realize how special this park really is.  Each visit reveals another treasure, especially if you have a love of waterfalls like me.  McConnells Mill is certainly worthy of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’s title “one of Twenty Must-See Pennsylvania State Parks”.

It’s embarrassing to admit that the last time I hiked the Hells Hollow Trail, I didn’t own a pair of waterproof hiking boots!  Hell Run was almost dry upon my return.

Fortunately, Hells Hollow Falls still held water.

Rumour has it that Hells Hollow was named after a Civil War veteran who lost his way in the gorge.  After the soldier found his way out, he regaled many with wild tales of his journey through hell.

Late spring brings an abundance of trillium to the trail.

Thanks to Pennsylvania Waterfalls: A Guide for Hikers and Photographers by Scott F. Brown, I learned a better approach to Breakneck Falls.

The path is covered with gnarled roots and mossy boulders.

Cheeseman Run is clogged with large boulders and small waterfalls.

Breakneck Falls is a thin, 11-foot cascade that twists around a cluster of sandstone boulders.

About 40 feet of Homewood Sandstone has been eroded at the top of the falls.

Despite less water, the photographic allure of Eckert Falls was not diminished.

Alpha Falls was the only waterfall that remained unchanged.

It was refreshing to shoot the mill from a new perspective.

It was easier to venture around Kildoo Falls with less water.

How did this trip compare to past adventures at McConnells Mill?


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