Armstrong Trail: East Brady to Rimer

We are back in Pennsylvania after our recent hiking adventure in New Mexico!  Prior to our departure, we had a rambunctious 14-mile bike ride on the Armstrong Trail.

We began our adventure after parking at the East Brady Community Playground.

Unlike other sections of the trail, this part is extremely rugged and may not be suitable for everyone.  A sturdy mountain bike is a necessity.  In addition to the rough, rocky surface, mud and ruts are commonplace.  In some places, riders must dodge wooden railroad ties and rusty nails.


If you can tolerate the bumpy ride, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Allegheny River.

Many traces of the former Allegheny Valley Railroad remain.  This turntable was used to reposition trains for return trips.


Coal, used to power steam locomotives, was loaded at the Coaling Tower.

The 2,468 foot East Brady Tunnel was built in 1915.  The tunnel is in need of major repairs and is now closed to the public.  If plans go ahead to renovate the tunnel, the Armstrong Trail will be extended and could be a vital link to connect to other trails.

Chutes are in place above the tunnel to move water away from the tunnel.

Redbank Creek Railroad Bridge

Yes, they jumped!

Lock and Dam 9, in Rimer, is the northern most lock on the Allegheny River.


There are at least half a dozen small waterfalls along the trail.

Pine Run Waterfall


This is the perfect trail segment for beginner mountain bikers who want to access their skills.  This portion eludes heavy traffic and still holds a few challenges. Despite your best efforts, you are destined to get muddy!

For more information on biking the Armstrong Trail, see our previous post:

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