Panhandle Trail: Walkers Mill to Midway

Our latest foray revisits a familiar place: The Panhandle Trail!  After a previous hike near Rennerdale Station, we returned to see more of this trail.

The best known attraction, the quarry pond, is visible almost immediately.


A windmill provides aeration into the quarry pond.

If you’re willing to abandon the trail for a few minutes, the duck pond in Rennerdale is nearby and makes a charming supplement.

The rest of the trail offers scenic views of rural Pennsylvania.

The borough of McDonald is visible from the trail.

You will pass under the McDonald Trestle, located on the Montour Trail.  A connector links both trails.


The scenery on this trail is few and far in-between; however there are some unique garden areas!


Water fountains are rare on other trails, but plentiful here!  Unfortunately, the water has a strong metallic taste.

And so, twenty miles later, our adventure ended.  It certainly was a fun bike ride!

For more information on biking the Panhandle Trail, see

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