Montour Trail: Primrose to Enlow Tunnel

Our second ride on the Montour Trail was so captivating that the miles crept by unnoticed.  The stretch from Primrose to Enlow Tunnel offers truly breathtaking scenery and less traffic then other portions of the trail.

The centerpiece of the Montour Trail is the McDonald Viaduct. The longest bridge on the trail, this trestle spans 960 feet.

The McDonald Trestle crosses over the Panhandle Trail.  It is rare to have a crossing of two major trails.

The connector to the Panhandle Trail is found in McDonald.

Butterflies dominate the trail.


In addition to beautiful countryside and gently rolling hills, wildflowers cover the trail. Indeed, in spots they even creep onto the trail.  Summer brings daisies, statice, butterfly weed, crown-vetch, cornflower, tiger lilies, roses and dianthus.


We encountered a snake and spotted a herd of cattle on an adjacent farm.

The trail is both peaceful and serene, even the industrial sections are charming.

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Caboose

The Enlow Tunnel, also known as the Jeffrey Town Tunnel, first opened in 1924.  It spans 558 feet and features safety lighting courtesy of Duquesne Light.

Birdhouses are common along the trail.

The trailhead at Boggs offers some unique amenties, such as a stretching post and garden area. 

For more information on the history of the Montour Trail, see my previous post:

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