Chasing Waterfalls

If you haven’t noticed by now, we are obsessed with waterfalls!  Our last visit to McConnell’s Mill State Park gave us a teasing glimpse of Alpha Falls. It was definitely time for another visit!

 Alpha Falls is a refreshingly cool place to visit on a hot day.

The next stop on our adventure was Muddy Creek Falls.  We spent a lot of time and research finding the exact location of this waterfall, also known as Grant City Falls.  We arrived at our destination only to discover that the waterfall is located on private property and  “No Trespassing” signs are posted.

We concluded our agenda with a stop at Quakertown Falls, also known as Quaker Falls and The Poland Waterfalls.  This waterfall is located on Route 224 in Hillsville, less than a mile from the Ohio border.  Locating this waterfall was a challenge.  We missed it the first time and crossed the Ohio border.  Driving back into Pennsylvania, I noticed a tiny trail in the woods, but ruled it out as the location.

We found better GPS coordinates that led us back to that same tiny trail, which is next to a utility building.

The land the waterfall is on is owned by a utility company and is not maintained to park standards.  There is an unsightly amount of garbage and debris around the waterfall.  In recent years, fallen trees have obstructed the view.

Quakertown Falls spans a height of 40 feet.  It may seem out-of-place along a busy road, but the waterfall is fed by Falling Spring Run, which flows into the Mahoning River.

In the past ten years, at least 4 people have fallen off the top of the waterfall.

Quakertown Falls is rather spooky.  Visitors must make a steep descent into an isolated gorge.  A few people stopped and looked out over the top, but no one else braved the climb down.

Waterfalling may be challenging, but it certainly has its rewards!

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