Fall Run Park

It’s funny how we sometimes miss the things that are right under our nose!   Despite residing in Shaler Township for five years, I was unaware of this park.  It certainly is a well-kept secret!

Located off Route 8, Fall Run Park is also known as Judge D.M. Miller Nature Reserve.

Fall Run Park was once the possession of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, until suburban development around the park hindered hunting.

This easy, two-mile round-trip hike is perfect for novices.  Fall Run is neither well-known, nor prone to crowds.

Part of the Pine Creek watershed, Fall Run boasts seven wooden bridges for those hikers who prefer to keep dry.  For those who seek more of a challenge or a respite against the heat, the stream is easily walkable.

The focal point of this park is a 30-foot waterfall.  This is likely one of the largest waterfalls within fifteen miles of Pittsburgh that you will find.

There is a flight of steps leading up to the top of the waterfall.

This waterfall usually escapes attention, but I found it captivating.  It is one of the most unusual waterfalls I’ve ever seen!  Given its size and current, it could probably be used as a slide.

During periods of heavy rain, more waterfalls are visible.  The falls were reduced to a small trickle at the time of these photos.

Ducks along Fall Run

Wildflowers cover the park.  Early May brings Appalachian violet, forget-me-nots and geranium.



4 thoughts on “Fall Run Park

  1. Thought I’d return and say that I wanted to check out this place after seeing your post earlier this month. I’ve been to most of the main trails and parks in western PA, but this wasn’t on my radar until your pics inspired me to go. Nice trail! Short, but it makes for a great morning walk. Thanks! You’re doing an outstanding job of posting both pics and descriptions. I usually carry my camera and post some photos to picasa (https://picasaweb.google.com/lori.crowell), but nothing like the journal you’re keeping with really nice photos and information. Keep posting!

  2. My last hike here (3/3/13) revealed mass erosion on parts of the trail; worrisome areas in two spots: one on walk up to falls and another by the falls overlook. I’m afraid that unless the township does some upkeep soon,spring will undo several trail features … like steps up to the falls…

  3. Thanks for a great post; I’m looking for natural beauty to film around the Pittsburgh area and this is perfect!

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