Raccoon Creek State Park

Raccoon Creek State Park was chosen by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and its Bureau of Parks as one of “Twenty Must-See Pennsylvania State Parks”.

Raccoon Creek is nestled along 101-acre Raccoon Lake and is the 8th largest state park in Pennsylvania.  Scenes from The Road were filmed at this park in Spring 2008.

I planned our visit during the month of October to coincide with peak autumn foliage. The hiking trails in this park were fairly easy.

This park is known for great opportunities to see wildlife, such as raccoons, beaver, mink and muskrats.  I was disappointed not to see any during my visit.  In the more remote areas of the park, red fox, opossum, and skunk can be found.

There is a 314-acre Wildflower Reserve hosting over 700 species of plants. Wildflowers are prevalent from late April through August.

This park offers 44 miles of hiking trails and 17 miles of biking trails.

The Mineral Springs Loop Trail leads to the Frankfort Mineral Springs, a former resort complex of the 1800s that attracted tourists hoping to bask in the healing qualities of the mineral water.  The resort was founded in the 1800s by Edward McGinnis and was very prosperous.  In its prime, it featured a hotel, dance hall, livery stable and many guest cottages.  The resort was situated on top of a hill, and guests walked down a flight of steps to the mineral springs.  Although the resort closed in the early 20th century, its remains are still standing.

There is a small waterfall I missed on the Appaloosa Trail after the Traverse Creek Bridge (heading towards the Wetlands Trail).


The Upper Lake (Wetlands Trail)

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