Moraine State Park

A moraine is formed when soil, rocks and debris accumulate at the edge of and underneath a glacier. Moraine State Park received its name due to the 4+ continental glaciers that reached their greatest extent north of the park.  The mining of limestone, shale, coal, oil and natural gas in the 1800s ravaged much of the area and polluted the land.  The park is a marvel of modern environmental engineering.  Over 400 oil and gas wells were capped, mines were sealed, and the land was covered with back-fill and graded.  Muddy Creek was dammed to create the main attraction of the park, 3,225 acre Lake Arthur.

Moraine State Park offers over 28 miles of hiking trails and two bike trails spanning 6 to 7 miles each.  I scheduled my visit on a hot August day and was so mesmerized by the beach-front and lake that I did not explore the hiking trails in-depth.  This park seemed more popular for boating, sailing, and fishing. A wide variety of boat rentals are available.

There are two sand beaches for swimming alongside of Lake Arthur.  This is also the first park I visited that offered windsurfing.


 The Regatta at Lake Arthur occurs every August.

History buffs will appreciate Washington’s Trail, which is an auto route that retraces the approximate path of George Washington’s trip of 1753-1754 from Virginia to Fort LeBoeuf (present-day Waterford, PA), marking the beginning of the French and Indian War.

I recommend taking the pontoon boat tour of the lake for some great scenery and birdwatching.  Sometimes osprey and bald eagles are spotted.

Moraine State Park can be visited with McConnells Mill State Park.

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